Skin Care

By Don Roundy


When your old boots take a beating

From the dusty desert heat

From barnyard stuff on the outside

And from inside, sweaty feet

Even top notch boots will break down

And waste away with rot.

And this if Roundy made them

Or if a cheaper brand you bought.

I’ll tell you how to save them.

It is all about skin care.

A woman’s care for skin works

For her own, or on footwear.

First she cleans her face with soft soap

Trying not to be too rough.

She then treats herself with Oil of Olay

Or some other T.V. stuff.

She paints up all the corners

And roses up her cheeks.

When she is done you notice

And this is what she seeks.

Boot leather is skin just like hers.

Except the critter it came from died.

You need to keep it alive and well.

Is this something you’ve ever tried?

The first step is to do like she did

Saddle soap em’ up real good.

Then daub on some leather balm

Use your hands. It’ll do them good.

Now you can put on the make-up.

Use polish and make em’ shine.

This guards leather from spills and scuffs.

It only costs about a dime.

You need to show your boots respect.

Cuz, some critter gave its life.

You ought to shine them once a week.

But the expert is your wife.