Learn to make shoes and/or boots from master craftsman, Don Roundy


I have been making boots and shoes for nearly forty years. While I don’t claim to be any better than other masters that offer courses on boot and/or shoemaking, I think my approach to teaching the process might provide a better experience.

Here is an old adage: The problem with the art of boot and shoemaking is that it is a science. The problem with the science of boot and shoemaking is that it is an art.


After teaching shoe and boot making courses at Salt Lake Community College for five years, I learned that it is best to first learn the science and then the art. By learning in two stages it helps to foster retention through preventing mind overload and confusion. 


The first stage involves an overview of the production process. This involves basic pattern making and proper sequence of assembly. By making your first pair from start to finish without refinement or detail, you’ll learn the necessary steps to avoid finding yourself with lack of clarity as to how to resolve a problem.  Although made from low end leather or even felt, this first pair will result in a straight, well balanced and properly aligned product.


Then, after obtaining a clear overview of the ‘science’ of boot and/or shoemaking, you will find that learning the skills involved in the ‘art’ of the trade are most exciting to learn. You will be well along on the course of making a product that can easily justify a higher price than factory made products.

You may have had previous instruction but are still somewhat unclear about things. You might already have a skill in leatherwork but find a need to become more proficient in pattern making and sequence and choose to forgo further instruction after the initial stage.  Although I sometimes learn exciting information from more experienced students, I have never had one yet that didn’t benefit from the above process of learning in two stages.


My price for instruction is $700.00 per week plus materials. You learn at your own speed.  Most learn both processes within two weeks.


Our little town of Toquerville Utah is close to several national and state parks and has around 30 affordable
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