The most practical way of learning the art and science of shoemaking.

If you were to google boot and shoemaking schools you would find several listings. They are all costly. Some of the most expensive are those two or three week seminars where you are guided through the process of making yourself a pair. None of my students that have attended one of these have been able to explain fully what they learned in regards to patterns, nor were they yet able to make a complete pair without help.

With my forty years of experience building shoes and boots along with several years of teaching the craft, and with my written instructions for each step, I offer a practical way to learn to make your own footwear at your own speed.  If you follow my instructions you will be able to make a living building and designing footwear for others.

The scientific part.

We first learn how to make patterns. Understanding the geometry of patterns has proven to be the cure for the frustration of those students that first went to one of those expensive seminars.

The artistic part

If the pattern is right, the shoe or boot is right. So after learning patterns, the rest of the process only involves learning to control the machines, learning to cut leather out with a knife and learning to skive the edge of leather. All that is left to master after patterns is to learn sewing, cutting, grinding and sequence. 

One on one or group of four

The cost is $80.00 per hour for private lessons. That cost can be divided by as many as four students if attending group lessons. An additional ten dollars an hour is charged for use of my shop for practice.

How long will it take?

How long it takes depends on you and the group you are with.  It seems the average is about 20 hour of instruction time.  Sometimes you might get practice time in the shop during instruction time while I am helping someone who needs individual instruction.


I give assignments of things for you to practice on your own time.  This can also be done at my shop for a separate $10.00 an hour. Using my shop as a practice lab has the benefit of the use of sewing machines and other machinery.  Also I’ll be in proximity if you get stuck on something.

Don Roundy. Shoe, boot and saddle maker. Contact me at 801-209-7561