The age-old secret in the art of understanding shoe and boot making in depth starts with understanding how to build and follow the pattern.


I absolutely love making shoes and boots. Better than that, I love seeing others learn to love it as well.

With my forty years of experience of building shoes and boots along with several years of teaching the craft on a college level I have developed a process of teaching that makes a complex process comprehensive. I have witnessed the excitement of many, over the years who surprise themselves at how quickly they have become confident and skilled in the process of making boots and shoes.

You will leave with a clear understanding of the following steps.

  1. How to measure the foot to get the right fit for the shoes and/or boots being made.
  2. How to make those measurements become patterns, assembled leather, and ultimately a finely made shoe and/or boot.
  3. The development of the skills of properly sewing cutting and skiving and finishing the leather. You will take home the skills needed for a professional job. 
  4. The proper sequence of assembly in the making process.

You will leave with more than a pair you made, but also with knowledge and skill sufficient to make many more on your own.  You will be well on your way to making boot and/or shoemaking a career.

What is the cost?  The cost is $1,000 a week plus materials. How long does it take? The process can be learned in a week, and you can hone your skills in another week. Extending beyond two weeks your skills will start to develop into a trade. Actual time depends on how many different types of footwear you want to learn, how much time you spend in the shop and how quickly it comes together for you.


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