By Don Roundy


Dreams, they come free

And they help you to see

What’s down in your heart

You want to do, or to be.


But they’re tender lil’ sprouts

And you should not let them out

Unless they’re concrete enough

To handle a bout


To one kin I know

When these dreams ‘sprouts I’d show

He’d quickly find reason

To yield forth the hoe.


“You’re dreamin’” says he,

As he glares back at me.

“And a life built on that base

Breeds Ker-tas-ter-fee!”


You see, dreams is just part.

It’s like the horse ‘fore the cart.

You dream it, you plan it

And that’s where you start.


Now Dreams now, you see

Is the base, or can be

Dreams, plans, and hard work

Can sure set you free


So when you get blue

Cus’ your dreams aint come true

Just remember this clue

You’ve got to work your dreams true.