Alligator Boots

By: Don Roundy, the Cowboy Cobbler

I called ol' Willie down in Alabam to see how things were goin' with him
And he told me o'er the wire that day his life was somewhat grim.
Said, "Ma 'n me ain't gittin' long. Been havin' frequent futes"
In tryin' to make it up to her she'd asked for gator boots.
Well, Willy was bent on proving how he loved his Betty Sue
So he hopped right into the pick-up truck for a gator rendezvous.
He drove along the back roads 'tween Camphill and Waverley
Where he spotted la lagarta a lumberin' behind a tree.
He grabbed his rope and threw a loop and gathered in the slack
But the gator kept the line loose. She was comin' o'er for a snack.
He tied hard and fast right to his belt and pounced upon her tail
And hence began the wrestling match to keep love from growing frail.
But Miss Gattie drug him 'cross the road and right on through the fence
Into a yeller' corn crop, where things started getting tense.
And because he'd come a huntin' gator boots
And 'cause he was getting' kind of mad
And 'cause the thoughts of comin' home without
Made things not seem so bad.
The bout went on an hour or two. They thrashed that crop of corn.
He whomped her good to get those boots, at least, such went Willie's yarn.
He bragged the gator lay there beat. All fours up in the air
But in stepping back to take a look, he wept to see her lying there.
Cause as she lie there on her back 'midst corn stock and roots
Was the first time Willie realized, that gator weren't wearin' no boots.

A near death experience form a critter of a different nationality happened in my own little home town of Alton, Utah when I was a child. Read No Bull Story about this