Leather Will Rise Again

By Don Roundy. October 21, 2017


Leather’s the thing that defines me

It’s all I can show for my life

Proud work one can use, wear, and see.

I find joy in the awl and knife.


Saddles the cowboy can set on

And ride into sunset of life.

Boots they can wear ‘til their life’s gone

That cause them no pain nor foot strife.


Leather’s the thing that defines me

Legion from the hide of what’s dead.

Tis how my friends will define me. 

Not kind words, my product instead. 


And when I have slept in the grave

For the time it takes to decay 

And rise, no longer a dead slave.

I’ll look for my leather display


My work of stitching and carving

Eternally not once to be bored

But the hides I once stitched with waxed string

Gone. All to the critters restored.


Hides void of carving or stitching

Not a scraped hair lost from their skin

I’m useless. Can’t play harp. Can’t sing. 

God’s work, not the craftsman’s shall win.